Teaching, Events & Talks


  1. ‘Urban Futures’, Workshop, Co-lecturer, (spring semester), Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability Masters program, The University of Geneva. 

This course aimed to train students in critical thinking, fieldwork and urban planning tools. We took our students to Dakar for 10 days  design a project for the Keur Massar municipality in Pikine, where they collected data and imagined ways to transform a wet land into an environmental-friendly, economically-viable and collectively-ran neighborhood.

  1. ‘The post-colonial and “neo-patrimonial” African state’, Guest-lecturer, The Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva.
  1. ‘Visual Analysis’ & ‘Visual Analysis Exercise seminar’, Guest-lecturer, The Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva.
  1. ‘Feat and Failure of the [Post]Colony: Questioning International Intervention’s Key Assumptions’, Guest-lecturer, University of Amsterdam. 
  1. ‘Le Congo c’est foutu? Questioning ‘state failure’ with an open mind’, Guest-lecturer,The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.


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2019. EISA PEC Sofia | ‘Disrupting’ Fieldwork: Interrogating Current Methodological Perspectives in the Study of IR, Section Chair, Co-organizer.2019. 

2019. Graduate Institute, Geneva | Researching (Societal) Conflict. Doing Fieldwork in Divise and Violent Context, International Workshop, co-organizer in collaboration with Ann Laudati, Oliver Jütersonke, and Charlotte Mertens. Funded by the Graduate Institute and the SNSF.

2018. University of Geneva |Civil war and State formation, International Conference, Co-organizer, in collaboration with swisspeace and the Swiss Society for African Studies.

2018. EISA PEC Prague |Doing Visual IR: Methods, Power and Politics, Co-covener.

Panel Presentation: ‘Ceci n’est pas un Etat’: Autophotographic Elicitation and World Politics, w/ Jonathan Austin.

2018. European Workshop in International Studies, GroningenDoing Visual IR: Methods, Power and Politics, Co-covener.


2018. ISA annual Convention San Fransisco

  1. Working Group | ‘Unsettling’ International Relations: Knowing and Unknowing the Settler Colonial Present. Convenors: Magid Shihade, Sharri Plonski, Elian Weizman & James Eastwood. Part of Rountable “Facts on the Ground” – The hidden (violent) links between material and discursive practices.
  2. Pre-ISA Workshop | World Political Compositions. Convenors: Jonathan Austin & Anna Leander. Presented the article The Composite Self: Doing IR in Contemporary DRC.

2017. ECAS. ‘Mokili Ebende’ | Un Monde de Fer. Explorer l’Etat Composite : Le Cas des Services de l’Urbanisme en RD Congo. University of Basel, June 30

2017. ISA Annual Convention. Panel Convenor. Presentation: The Composite State: Embodied Control and Planned Imaginary. Illustrations from DR Congo’s Urban Services. Baltimore, February 23

2016. CCDP-IDRC Research Workshop on Urban Safety and Peacebuilding. Presentation: The Neo-Liberal City and the Panopticon State: Cases from the DR Congo, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva July 4-5